Knight Regiment St. George Basic Chaperone Information

Knight Regiment St. George  Basic Chaperone Information

  • We will have 12 chaperones for this trip – two on each charter bus.
    • Job sharing may be arranged (e.g. one person rides the bus up to Utah,  and a different person rides the bus back to San Marcos).
  • Chaperones will stay at the event hotel in St. George at their own expense.
    • We have reserved 6 rooms for chaperones.
    • With two chaperones per room,  the cost will be approximately $200 per person.
    • Rooms will accommodate more than two chaperones.
    • Room sharing will be required to accommodate the housing needs.  (St. George is limited in hotels that would accommodate our group and meet our financial requirements.)
  • Chaperones will travel on the bus throughout the trip as the group changes locations.
  • Chaperones are permitted to sign up for other tasks ( e.g. uniforms, food service) during the trip.
  • Chaperones are expected to perform the following during the trip:
    • Maintain good order among the students while riding the buses and during free time at the hotel. At the hotel, chaperones will perform room checks and be on duty until one hour after lights out.
    • Ensure student safety by enforcing transportation rules
    • Serve as an intermediary between the bus driver and the students
    • Verify that all students are on the bus after rest and lunch stops
    • Communicate serious problems to the Music Directors for corrective action
    • Encourage the students to be good representatives of SMHS and Knight Regiment at all times during the trip, including while watching other bands perform and during the awards ceremonies.