Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 1:00pm-9:00pm
San Marcos High School

Why the Rehearse-A-Thon is so important!

Known for its exciting and creative shows, The San Marcos High School Marching Band and Color Guard, Knight Regiment, is the largest high school marching band in San Diego County. We have been working hard since early August to perfect this year’s field show, ATLANTIS, to continue our streak of award-winning performances at competitive tournaments. Now that marching band season is in full swing, Knight Regiment will be holding an 8-hour Rehearse-A-Thon to fine-tune our show in readiness for tournament season.

Beyond the local SoCal competitions, our hope is to make it as far as St. George, Utah for the BOA Regional Championships. This ‘March to the Arch’ Rehearse-A-Thon is the main fundraiser for our tournament expenses. If we can raise a minimum of $50,000 we will be able to cover transportation expenses and most hotel expenses. If we can raise more than that, students will not have to pay for anything out of pocket.  If EVERY student is able to raise $325 we will be able to cover ALL costs (transportation, accommodations, and meals while in St. George, Ut).

In addition to top-notch music and performance skills, our program emphasizes responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and excellence. We hope you will show your support by sponsoring a student for March to the Arch Rehearse-A-Thon 2022 and helping us to maintain our successful Knight Regiment program.

What is a Rehearse-A-Thon?

Rehearse-A-Thon is our largest fundraiser for the band as well as a FULL DAY marching rehearsal to help our students finalize our show for competition. In the past, the success of this event has brought in enough money for us to go to Utah! The goal for each Rehearse-A-Thon participant is to raise as much money as possible from as many sponsors as possible!

Students will rehearse for 8 hours and ask sponsors to pledge/donate a certain amount of $ per hour (or a flat total for the day), like a JOGATHON. Students can expect fun breaks and incentives throughout the day!

Fun Facts!

+ If each musician is able to get 13 donors at $25 each they would reach their goal and cover all expenses for the trip (transportation, accommodations, and meals while in St. George, Ut)

+ It takes 5 buses and at least 5 trucks to get the students, instruments and show props to each competition.

+ Over 100 volunteers are needed to make a trip of this size happen and each local competition has a team of 30 – 40 supporting them.

+ Previously we have successfully raised the needed funds to attend BOA Regionals and ranked in the top 5!

+ Studies in music are proven to raise IQ levels. But did  you know while preforming their show each students body is working at the level of a marathon runners?

Join us on Sept 10th, 7 pm at SMHS to see them practicing on the field and cheer them on as they complete the 8 hour rehearsal!

Additional Rehearse-A-Thon donations can be made via the following Fund the Band Donation page.

March to the Arch, Go Knights!